$ 300  (up to 1 hour) LETS GET  ACQUAINTED - escort companionship.                       

                            $500  (up to 2 hours) WHATS THE RUSH - escort companionship 

                        *  $ 500  (up to 2 hours) THEE EXPERIENCE - most requested *DETAILS BELOW*

                           $ 750  (up to 3 hours)    THE PURRFECT PLAYDATE- escort companionship

                           $ 1,000  (up to 4 hours)  WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HAIR  - escort companionship

                          $ 1,500  (up to 6 hours)   ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY - escort companionship    

                         $ 1,800  (up to 8 hours)  SWINGING FROM CHANDELIERS - escort companionship

                         $ 2,500 (up to 12 hours) GOOD MORNIN' SUNSHINE - escort companionship

                        $ 5,,000 (up to 24 hours)  AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAY - massage & escort companionship

              Feel  free to call me direct so we can discuss our options as I am confident that we  can come up with                       something that is comfortable for both of us                                



                           (up to 1 hour "THE MIDAS TOUCH"  $ 250)

        This is not about aches and pains its about relaxation at its finest. Its Pure Pleasure  especially for you. Its a feather touch, a gentle back scratch, Its feeling the tips of my fingers on every inch of your body and as the stress is lifted you exhale knowing that if only for an hour you have managed to escape the rat race. I massage your scalp, run my long nails up and down your body, I scratch your back really really good and you purr. From the top of  your shoulders I slowly pull old  energy down your arms and out your finger tips, and from your hips, down your legs, feet and toes. Firm, gentle, soft and sensual your body feels like heaven and your spirit soars. Energy builds, shifts and releases in volcanic wave after wave, after wave and just like liquid gold .  .  .  . you melt. Thats  THE MIDAS TOUCH!  


                          ( up to 2 hours "THEE  EXPERIENCE" $ 500) most requested

     I understand the nervousness you may feel as we have never met and although this is a different environment for you it is my home and I hope you feel as comfortable here as I do. For the few of you who are still sweating nervously I have no problem pushing you in my pool and cooling you off to break the ice! All kidding aside, Please understand that I feed off of your energy and if  you are nervous I will probably be nervous too! This is why I recommend totally experiencing THEE EXPERIENCE. I suggest starting off with THE MIDAS TOUCH Massage for up to an hour as we get better acquainted while nature and chemistry work their sensual magic. The second half of our session will be spent enjoying more intimate ESCORT COMPANIONSHIP. Even if neither of us feel those nervous butterflies it's still A LOT of fun and much more relaxing for both of us. Don't you agree? Alright then . . . . Lets get this party started!