LAS VEGAS . . . the biggest adult playground in the world. When I found out we we leaving Southern California and moving to Las Vegas I was thrilled! I couldn't wait to get here the only problem was that I was twelve years old and had to be in house before dark. I also had to go to church an hour a day before school and twice on Sundays. I have always felt that I was born with everything that IS Las Vegas in my blood. By the time I was fifteen I was obsessed with the bright lights, the stages, the beautiful showrooms and had  completely fallen in love with the Las Vegas Nightlife but more than anything in the world I wanted to be a professional dancer. How was I ever going to make my dreams come true with a 10:00 PM  curfew? It felt like torture!   



   IN HIGH SCHOOL . . .  I had a once famous drama teacher and though I cannot say her name she was an original Mousketeer from the Mickey Mouse Club and showed a real interest in me. I only took her class because it was easier for me to remember an entire play in less than a day than it was to endure even one more hour of  Mr. Henry dissecting a frog or preaching the Theory Of Evolution. I'm pretty sure that showing a kid who went directly from church to science class how to torture a helpless animal and then try to convince her that she came from an ape is wrong on just about every level. The only thing I learned in science was that calling your teacher a baboon gets you one swat in the deans office, calling him a stupid  baboon gets you two! Theatre was far less dramatic and came naturally besides, I needed the school credit so it was a perfect match. I constantly got "call backs" for auditions that I never auditioned for as she wanted me to star or co star in plays at UNLV and Community College. I spent the next three years saying "but all I want to do is dance" We became close and she offered me a scholarship to a major performing arts school and promised that if I studied the craft for a few years that she could get me a contract with a major television network as a Soap Opera actress which would be a sure start to a lucrative career. I was eighteen years old and as I declined her generous offer I gave her a big hug and thanked her for believing in me, then asked her to please let me go and dance! The last time I saw her she gave me her original ears that were signed and given to her personally by Mr. Walt Disney himself.


    DANCE I DID  . .  The first studio I worked at I taught jazz, ballroom, beginning ballet and disco and  although it sounds  corny I was required to teach every single dance that was in the movie Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta. My only alternative was to teach one on one tango lessons to a guy who bought so many dance lessons he become an actual owner of the studio. The only problem was that he wore a size twelve shoe and stepped on my feet really hard. Needless to say, I taught the hell out of the Bus Stop Hustle. From there I went on to dance in large productions and my dreams of performing in big beautiful showrooms were finally coming true until I met the stage manager from hell and he placed a three and half  feet headpiece on my head and stuffed it with toilet paper to keep it from falling off then put me in a twenty pound backpack covered in dusty peacock feathers that made me sneeze like crazy! I remember one time there was a gentleman in the audience who caught my eye because he  wouldn't stop winking at me then I realized it was because my eyes were tearing up so badly from the feathers my false eyelashes got stuck together and he thought I winking at him! That guy turned out to be the owner of the hotel, how embarrassing is that? It was a hell of an experience and though it didnt work out for me I DID IT! I followed my dream, worked hard and made it happen But I am here to tell you, there is NOTHING easy, fun or glamorous about being a Las Vegas Showgirl as they are thee hardest worked and most underpaid of all Vegas entertainers.


      WHEN IT COMES TO MEN . . .  I absolutely get weak in the knees. I Love Men! I adore men! I get along better with men than I do women and the very best friend any girl will ever have is a gay man but sexual preference aside, I could always be myself around men whereas women seemed to be phony and catty and why would anyone want a phony friend? I needed a job and I thought I was going on an interview to answer phones in a real estate office but accidentally replied to the wrong ad and found myself being interviewed for a phone girl at an escort agency. Ive really done it this time I thought but they were willing to train me and I needed to eat so naturally I took the job. I didn't know at the time what an escort was or did but I was willing to learn and the more I learned the more fascinated I became. It was the first time I made female friends. I found these girls to be down to earth and each one of them seemed to have a heart of gold. Oh there was a little competition now and then but they came together when it mattered. I had never seen anything like it, it was as if they were a family and I wanted to be a part of it. They were thoughtful and compassionate and did things for the community anonymously, for instance once a week they would take turns in choosing their favorite charity and they would all donate part of their earnings to that charity. Their generosity was endless and more than admirable. They were mothers and they were wives, they had families and lives outside of escorting and I though. . . why cant I do this? I'm pretty enough, I'm smart enough, but am I brave enough? That was the question. Turns out I was a fish to water!


      I  LOVED BEING AN ESCORT . . .  and fell in love with the escorting lifestyle and the freedom it gave me. To me it was far more glamorous than being a showgirl, it definitely felt better than wearing ten pounds of toilet paper on my head and the money was excellent. There is no reason that a good, educated, goal oriented professional escort can't make what a doctor  makes per year. Not long after making the transition from phone girl to escort I left the agency and became independent working directly with some of the major hotels as a High Class Call Girl and was extremely successful. Have you ever heard the saying "If I knew then what I know now?" I got married and left the  business, then got divorced (a few times) and each time I left I came back but not because I had to, I came back because I wanted to. Its where I felt at home and I missed my clients and the friends I had made.


      THINGS ARE  . . . a little different now than they were a few years ago, providers are no longer dependent on escort services or casino executives to arrange introductions or set up appointments. Now we use our computers and market ourselves and by doing so we are able choose our own clientele and the sky is the limit! Still, that's just scratching the surface. Being an escort from an agency is one thing but being an upscale quality companion is so much more than marketing its about class and confidence but more importantly, it's about connecting. There is something special that happens when I connect with a client, I'm not talking about what may or may not happen physically it's more than that. Its about letting your hair down, being able to talk with someone about anything and everything. Its sharing interests, fantasies, passions and desires. We tell each other things that we've never told anyone else in the world knowing our secrets are safe and can never be used against each other. Why? Because we don't care! We are just two people being just who we are with no judgement. Its very freeing when you can totally be yourself. There is a gift in that. The gifts my clients and I share are private, they are personal and they are priceless! I thoroughly enjoy what I do and I'm good at it. When you meet me I think that you'll agree.  As I sit here sharing a small part of the journey that has made me who I am, I ask myself once again, "If I knew then what I know now?" and without pause or hesitation I can honestly say, I wouldn't change a thing!


(P.S.) In case you were wondering . . .  I STILL LOVE TO DANCE.


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    I am a pretty, passionate, very playful, Portuguese and French, brunette beauty with big brown eyes, long legs, a flawless complexion and skin as soft as SILK.  I'm highly regarded and well respected, beautiful, mature, confident, extremely sensual and sinfully skilled. Call me anytime for an Amazing Experience!    

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